3S-Trocar Set for spinal access

Catheter, General Purpose.
3S-Trocar Set from Dukwoo Medical is a set of single use sterile radiopaque devices (metal, catheter and needle/trocar) intended to be used for image-guided (using live x-ray), single-puncture, percutaneous access to facilitate an interventional radiology disc decompression procedure.
– Part used: Backbone, cervical vertebral or shoulder, leg joint of the patients.

Needle Tip : Tri facet Trocar or Blunt Tip


Size Length Remarks
6Fr 80 Outer Tube : ETFE
150 Outer Tube : ETFE
14G 80 Outer Tube : SUS
150 Outer Tube : SUS
16G 80 Outer Tube : SUS
150 Outer Tube : SUS